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There are around 550 parts to the carousel currently with many more to come.  12 inner deck panels that are composed of 10 2x4s & 12 outer deck panels that are composed of 9 2x4s.

There are 30 self-lubricating animal hanger bearings & 10 crankshafts with 3 animals per crankshaft. there are 20 self-lubricating crankshaft bearings.

There are 4 chariots – 3 large and 1 small. There is one accessible wheelchair location next to the small chariot. Presently we are working on 2 animals, and touching up approximately 20 animals after the refinishing is completed.

We have used over 25 gallons of oil and water-based paint during the restoration process. 

Dedicated volunteers have donated over 10,000 hours of time. On August 1st, 2017, volunteers with the aid and help of EPUD crew and a crane raised the mast to an absolute vertical level position, measuring and drilling hole to attach the mast to the platform. The mas supports the entire revolving carousel.  This was one of the first steps in the total restoration of the 1929 Hershall 36-foot. 34 animal menagerie carousel. Three years later, the restoration of the carousel is almost complete.


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