Our board members are all volunteers and many of them volunteer for many organizations, work, and our very active in our community. We are happy to have such a great group.

Russell McGuire - Project Engineer/Director

Russ brings us 50 years of Mechanical Engineering Experience. He has been the strength of this project since coming on board from the start. 

We also appreciate Russ because his wife makes the best treats and makes sure all the volunteers are fed. 

Alice Nowicki ~ President

Alice is a retired business owner and educator. She volunteers with many organizations in town including W.O.E. and The Grange. 

She is also a talented dedicated painter to our carousel.

Judd Van Gorder ~ Vice President

Judd is a retired school administrator and active member of the Lutheran Church. He has volunteered with the Kiwanis Club and the Chamber of Commerce for many years. 

Judd and his wife Sharron were both caterers and currently run a bed and breakfast out of their beautiful home. 

Carmen Dowell ~ Secretary

Carmen is our newest member who brings lots of fresh ideas to the group. She has been a volunteer for over 10 years with Special Olympics and a strong advocate for people with special needs. She has over 20 years of volunteer experience with many organizations in Cottage Grove. She has a passion for theatre and 3 years ago started her own acting group called Creative Chaos. All members have special needs and they put on plays a few times a year. 

Carmen has always been creative and loves to spread happiness and joy to others, that is why she volunteered with the Carousel and can’t wait for the public to ride it and see all their happy faces. 

Ken Schwieger ~ Treasure

Ken retired in 2003 from MN law enforcement and moved to Cottage Grove. He is actively involved with several non-profits and keeping busy.

Sharon Van Gorder ~ Board Member

Sharon is retired from the educational field and is a very active member with her Lutheran Church.  She has been a very active volunteer with the Kiwanis Club and other organizations in Cottage Grove. Sharon and her husband both ran a catering business and currently have a Bed and Breakfast on their beautiful property. 

Marie Longfellow ~ Board Member

Marie dedicated her life to volunteering and serving others.  She is a life member of a couple of organizations. Marie has been a volunteer on many community committees, served on the city council, and in several non-profit organizations. She was on several boards of directors, some as president. On occasion two or three at the same time.  

Marie has been involved on and off with the carousel from its beginning about 2001. A dream of Judy Cash was to gift her community a historic carousel.

Ellen Hogue ~ Board Member

Ellen has lived in Cottage Grove for most of her life and has worked in the restaurant and retail business for over 40 years. She spent over 35 years helping with B.M.D. in one way or another. She has been an active volunteer for many other organizations over the years.

She is very excited about the carousel coming to our community to be enjoyed by many family and friends to enjoy for many years.