Friends of the Cottage Grove Carousel. 

The Friends of the Cottage Grove Carousel is a 501c3 nonprofit all-volunteer organization seeking a site to build a new building or remodel an already existing building to house the carousel. 

Plans for our permanent home include party areas, meeting rooms,. souvenir shop, restrooms, a carving studio, a maintenance shop, and of course, the colorful, glowing carousel. 

A message from our President

Welcome to the Friends of the Cottage Grove Carousel web site.

We are a dedicated group of community volunteers working together to bring the magic of carousels to Cottage Grove, Oregon.

 During the first part of 2020, we have been very busy continuing the process of restoring the 1929 Allan-Hershell carousel. Our painters have been refinishing some of the animals. Many animals require some paint touch-up work, while others are being completely re-painted. A brighter and more colorful painting specifications will enhance the look of the entire carousel.

 A new bookcase was made from donated wood. This will house the carousel manuals and spec books. There are 12 O.S.H.A. safety manuals being completed for this project.

We have located and acquired a quotation for a “ribbon canopy” for the carousel. Our existing canopy cannot be used since it would restrict the fire sprinkler system in our existing building. We need a sponsor for this item!

 We are acquiring operational/maintenance tools for the carousel. All existing tools are on loan from a board member. We need a sponsor for this item!

 We are continuing to work with the owner of a land parcel in Cottage Grove that might fit our needs for a “permanent” location for the carousel.

As you can see, we have been very active with the restoration of the carousel.

 We are presently looking for new carousel board members! These additional members are required to move the carousel project thru the next phase of the project. If you are interested, please call Alice at 541-942-6148 for details.

Please check out our Facebook site: “Friends of the CG Carousel” for more restoration news and photos.


Enjoy our site! Thank you for visiting.


          ~Alice Nowicki President, Friends of the Cottage Grove Carousel


If you need any further information, please contact Alice 541-942-6148

 or Russ McGuire 541-649-1210